What Is Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy?

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based, comprehensive, active and philosophically based psychotherapy focusing on improving emotional disturbances and behavioral problems for the goal of enabling the client to live a happier, less disturbable life. REBT was written and created by Albert Ellis, Ph.D. in the 1950’s ( Dr. Ellis’ theory was originally inspired by the written work from historical philosophers from Asia, Greece and Rome and creatively combines the CBT model with Behaviorism to produce highly effective clinical results. REBT is proven to be one of the world’s most effective and well known treatments for anxiety, depression and anger problems, among many other behavioral, emotional and relationship problems.  REBT’s primary aim is to help each person identify core thoughts and beliefs associated with chronic negative emotions including anxiety, anger, depression and guilt, and actively pursue a belief system and environment that fosters peace.

The REBT model starts by helping each client systematically identify thoughts and core beliefs linked to emotional patterns such as anxiety, depression, guilt, anger and jealousy. The REBT therapist provides an extensive amount of teaching and education around the connections between thoughts and the emotional consequences that occur when we experience common life events. The REBT therapist assists the client by replacing core beliefs with well known, factual, rational thoughts that naturally promote emotional well-being.  REBT involves learning; therefore homework assignments are frequently used to increase the depth of learning and long term improvements in emotional stability. REBT is a relatively brief therapy and aims to teach each client how to achieve life goals while living a life undisturbed by emotions.