Our Clinicians

Beth Lewis, LMHC
Owner/Clinical Director – CBT Pinellas

CBT Pinellas’ Clinical Director and Co-Owner, Beth Lewis, LMHC, is a Linehan Board of Certification, DBT Certified Clinician, who in 2008, decided to dedicate her life to the effective delivery of the Linehan DBT Model for the purpose of serving “difficult-to-treat” populations with a treatment protocol that works. Beth’s professional and personal goals consistently point to the alleviation of suffering among the human race and her education and training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) provides her with the avenue needed to pursue her passion and life-calling of helping others to learn to embrace all that life offers by shifting one’s inner perspective with pain, letting go of urges to avoid, escape, or ‘fix’ emotional pain, and instead, gain the profound life skill of moving through the pain of life and finding vitality and joy in the process of “turning toward the pain” and mindfully experiencing life, while identifying the true function of one’s negative emotions and therefore, being able to find creative ways to live life according to the values and wisdom locked inside the pain itself.

Beth’s career in providing evidenced-based clinical counseling models began in the mid 1990’s as she dedicated herself to earning her National Certification in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT). Her training in REBT was delivered by the REBT author/developer, Albert Ellis, Ph.D. and his co-creator’s son, David Thomas, Ph.D. REBT’s empirical evidence combined with the vastly positive impact on client populations otherwise known to be “difficult-to-treat” instigated Beth’s initial relentless pursuit of treatments commonly known as unique and highly impactful on groups of people suffering from problems otherwise “untreatable” or “difficult-to-treat.”

Beth Lewis, LMHC, works tirelessly to provide comprehensive DBT treatment in the service of ensuring those who suffer needlessly, can truly become free and find the internal strength and courage to look at ‘self’ and ‘others’ without the need to blame or judge, but instead, live life in the full presence and wonder that it is. To live a life fully lived and loved and to traverse this terrain, as a pilgrim, knowing only life as it is, moving ahead with patience and the hope of finding the meaning of one’s life here and if possible, sharing the wisdom learned with another along the way.

Joshua Velasco, MA, RMHCI
Florida Mental Health Counseling Intern – CBT Pinellas

Joshua Velasco is a Mental Health Counseling Registered Intern in the State of Florida at CBT Pinellas. Joshua is a true Floridian, having been born in Clearwater, Florida, where he has continued to live throughout his entire life. After graduating from River Ridge High School in New Port Richey, Joshua attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida, where he received his Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology in 2014. Upon his graduation from UCF, Mr. Velasco went on to study at Argosy University, where he graduated with honors with his Master’s of Art in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2017.

In conjunction with his studies at Argosy University, Joshua’s training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy began in July 2016, when he decided to pursue DBT training and supervision under the tutelage of Beth Lewis, LMHC, LBC, Certified DBT Clinician and Supervisor. Since then, Joshua has undergone a mandatory 3 hour weekly intensive on-site DBT training, consisting of multiple training formats including lecture, experiential, role-play, and clinical feedback in the form of supervision. Joshua continues his on-site weekly training and clinical supervision in the theoretical and clinical application of DBT under the supervision of Beth Lewis, LMHC, at CBT Pinellas where he plans to continue his DBT training as he also establishes his professional career as well.

Joshua has always had a curiosity pertaining to human behavior, where at a young age, he began to engage in active and cognisant “people watching”, while paying careful attention to and studying to environment and how those who surrounded him interacted with said environment. These early observational habits coupled with his constant searching for the “why” behind everything in his young life were the ingredients that when combined have yielded an observant, studious clinician who is dedicated to his craft: being the best mental health clinician that he can possibly be.

Having settled into the CBT Pinellas family where he continues to learn and excel, Joshua is looking forward to attaining Florida Mental Health Counseling Licensure, and upon reaching this goal, he will be setting his sights on the ultimate prize: becoming a Linehan Board of Certification DBT Certified Clinician. Joshua also has a strong desire to further pursue mindfulness training and eventually master the art of “present awareness.”