Individual Therapy Services

What Are Individual Therapy Services?

CBT Pinellas provides individualized counseling services in the form of 1 to 4 weekly individual counseling sessions as needed and determined by the primary clinician, which will utilize the most clinically appropriate Evidence-Based Treatment(s) determined collaboratively with the clinician and client. All clients are served with a similar format as those enrolled in the comprehensive DBT program.

The initial phase of therapy at CBT Pinellas involves the identification of the client’s positive life goals along with the specific presenting thought and emotional patterns and behaviors that serve as the primary barriers to reaching the common and well deserved goals of contentment and inner peace.

The working phase of therapy involves the discovery of the purpose or function of the barriers serving the client in relieving immediate distress or emotional pain. Once behavioral patterns are understood objectively and thus validated, change can take place.

The methods used at CBT Pinellas are determined based on the type of evidence-based approaches or combination of approaches, which are best suited to treat the presenting behaviors at the time of assessment. Standardized outcome measures are used to measure progress and detect any plateaus in progress, thus enabling the clinician to change the treatment focus and aim therapy to the precise and necessary target: Achieving Life Worth Living and Loving Goals.