What Is Family Skills Training?

What Is The Family Skill Training Program?

CBT Pinellas extends the DBT Skills Class to families and loved ones of those not necessarily enrolled in Comprehensive DBT, yet who are receiving DBT Informed treatment services and who have a loved one suffering from intense and problematic emotion dysregulation problems. Skills taught in the DBT Skills Class for Family and Friends are useful and applicable for most family members and include:

  • Validation Skills and Strategies.
  • Dialectical Thinking and Communicating.
  • Identifying and Setting Healthy Personal Limits.
  • Improved Tolerance to Distress.
  • The life-changing Mindfulness Skills.

These skills that are taught in the Family Skills Training Program are the effective tools that can be used to lead us all to the endless possibilities of a life filled with richness, wakefulness, and the capacity to possess the skills needed to improve one’s relationship with pain and thus decrease reactivity and defensiveness, while also increasing our personal levels of compassion, empathy, and effectiveness towards our families, our friends, and ourselves.

The CBT Pinellas Family Skills Training Program is offered every other Thursday evening at 7:00PM at our main location, so please call us or message us today for more information.