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Two-Day Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Training Presented By Beth Lewis, LMHC, DBT-Linehan Board of Certification: DBT Certified Clinician
March 26th and March 
10:00AM – 5:00PM

Approved for 12 CE Hours by Florida’s Board of Clinical Social Work,
Marriage & Family Therapy, And Mental Health Counseling
DBT Is A Research Based Treatment For Emotion Dysregulation Problems That Cause:
Self-Harm, Suicide and Depressive Behaviors, Emotional Avoidance, Interpersonal Problems, Social Withdrawal, Rejection, Abandonment, Fear of Failure, Active Passivity, Self-Invalidation, Cognitive Dysregulation, Aggression/Rage, Impulsivity, Addiction, Food Restriction/Body Dysmorphia, ADHD, Oppositional Defiance, Conduct Disorder, OCD, Family Problems…and of course, BPD and BPD Traits.
DBT Training Improves Clinical Competence
In Assessing, Diagnosing, And Selecting
Treatment Interventions That Work!
Are you………..Overwhelmed? Intimated? Confused? Anxious? Easily Frustrated? Angry at Clients Who Push Your Limits? Do You Often Dread Seeing Certain Clients Each Week? Do You Question Your Capacity To Really Help? Do You Sometimes Fear A Client’s Death If You Don’t Refer Out? Do You Fear Your Client’s Anger And Attacks At You for Setting Limits? Are You Often Uncertain As To Which Interventions Will Help? Are You Certain You’ve Made an Accurate Diagnosis? Do You Feel Alone?
Do you want a higher level of skill and competence? Do you need support? Do you want to know how to resolve acute problems confidently? Do you want to push past the “amateur plateau” and
Become an Expert Clinician?
Come Join Us! Become an Expert Clinician!
Learn, Grow, Surpass!
Course Objectives
Participates will be able to understand and speak to the following:
  • DBT theory and principles behind treatment interventions
  • Specific diagnosis and behavioral patterns effectively treated with DBT
  • Current researched clinical outcomes produced by using DBT
  • Three main clinical models on which DBT is comprised, and why
  • Primary principles and strategies of using CBT in DBT
  • Primary principles and strategies for using Mindfulness in DBT
  • Primary principles and strategies for using Dialectics in DBT
  • Primary principles and strategies for using Behaviorism in DBT
  • Primary goals, client stages, treatment targets in DBT
  • Validation strategies with clients to strengthen the therapeutic relationship
  • Using the therapy relationship as a model for generalizing healthy relationships outside of therapy
Course Agenda

Overview of DBT
  • What is DBT and where did it come from?
  • Which diagnoses and other targeted behaviors are treated effectively with DBT?
  • Current DBT research outcomes
  • Adherent DBT vs. Informed DBT
DBT Theory and Principles
  • The Bio-Social Theory
  • Foundations of the Three Clinical Models in DBT
  • Ten Core Assumptions Primary to Doing DBT
  • DBT Consultation Team
DBT Goals, Stages, and Treatment Targets
  • Four main stages in DBT and the respective goals per stage
  • What to focus on, and what no to, per DBT stage
  • DBT Therapy Contracts and Agreements for both clients and therapists
Mindfulness Core Skills: ‘What and How to Apply’
  • What and How Skills of Mindfulness
  • Using Mindfulness In Session

Validation/Acceptance Strategies

  • Defining Validation, 6 Levels of Validation, and Self-Validation
  • Validation and its role in motivating for Change
  • When ‘not to’ Validate and ‘what not to’ Validate

Change/Problem Solving Strategies

  • Conducting Behavioral Chain Analysis, Creating Potential Solution Analysis and Using Behavioral Rehearsals
  • DBT Skills Training: four core sets of skills and how to incorporate in session for mastery
  • Cognitive Restructuring and when ‘not to’; Contingency Management and Didactics

Dialectic Strategies

  • Defining Dialectics and its use in DBT
  • Dialectical Strategies in DBT

Summary: Making It All Make Sense

  • Case Example, Role Play
  • Q and A
Course Fee For Full Two Day Training: $500
Registration and Additional Questions:
For registration information and payment processing, please contact CBT Pinellas:
Please Note: Completion of this formal Two-Day DBT Training is a prerequisite that is required for acceptance into all advanced and/or intensive DBT Trainings provided by CBT Pinellas, Behavioral Tech C/O Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., or Kelly Koerner, Ph.D. All advanced DBT Trainings require a letter of recommendation from a Clinical DBT Supervisor along with a Certificate of Completion from a formal Two-Day DBT Training, like the one being offered here.
LMHC (MH6890),
 CE Provider #: 50-18609
Beth Lewis is a DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, DBT Certified Clinician. Beth provides ongoing DBT training, consultation and comprehensive DBT services to all ages (adults, teens, children-parents and DBT graduates) as well as a fully comprehensive “Family Education Experiential Training Program” specifically geared for the loved ones of those who suffer from debilitating Emotion Dysregulation problems. Beth provides continuing education courses at St. Petersburg College, specifically on the subject of DBT, Self-Harm, Suicidality and Borderline Personality Disorder and BPD Traits. Beth’s initial DBT training involved the implementation of a fully adherent DBT program within an intensive outpatient teen/family program while she also maintained her own private practice since 1997. Beth is certified in REBT as well and typically weaves in various types of CBT, Emotion Focused Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Based Treatments into her treatment interventions, per client need. Beth is the founder/owner of CBT Pinellas, LLC since 2011 and provides a comprehensive DBT program including all four levels of DBT clinical services per client: Individual DBT Sessions, DBT Skills Training (adults, teens, families and DBT graduates), DBT Phone Coaching and Beth is the leader of an adherent DBT Consultation Team hosted at CBT Pinellas, weekly. Beth’s dedication, drive and pursuit of excellence is unparalled; her passion for watching clients and therapists transform into self-actualized, self-sufficient and completely stable beings is the very life-source that defines Beth’s life.
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